Aga circumpolar landscape age 2009

Circumpolar Landscape Age Map

The landscape age map shows the length of time (in thousands of years) that Arctic landscapes have been available for plant colonization and the development of plant communities (Raynolds et al 2008). For most areas, this would be the time since the most recent deglaciation. Other areas first became available for plant colonization after emerging from under water due to drainage of glacial lakes or isostatic rebound. Areas for which no Wisconsin glaciation is known, were coded as 9999.These data came mostly from Ehlers, J. and P. L. Gibbard (eds., 2004). The map was based on the Circumpolar Arctic Vegetation Map (CAVM Team 2003) shapefile, with an attribute added for landscape age. Polygon boundaries were modified where necessary to follow glaciation data.

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